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Roy said one of the people wanted to be creative, it

about su the frog: (submit) a spring, he wrote: we have to submit the frog nutt. Then cut her right hand and said to her: submit, your nutt, wrote: we have the right hand of frog and we told them, they submit, nutt. Then cut her left hand and said to her, they submit, nutt, wrote: we have the left and right hands of the frog and say it submit, nutt. Then cut her right hand and said to her: submit, the hard, nutt wrote: come my frog and her man right and we have a submit, nutt. Then cut her left hand and said to her: submit, a. Submit a.Not very promising, he wrote: we cut the hands and legs of the frog and say it: submit, no potential, and studies have shown that the frog if you cut her hands and legs shackled, they are deaf!

Wisdom: creation process of polite sublime, where fertile imagination, logical thinking, and the work of the Organization, and analysis of a practical and realistic, and credible approach, and literature collection.

Fish Hunter
There was a fisherman, serious in his work, was trapped in the day fish remain at home what God wills to remain even if. .. Went to the beach. To hunt fish, in the same day. While wife Hunter cut what caught by her husband, since their view is so odd! Considered within the belly of the fish Pearl! I wondered!! Pearl. In the belly of the fish..?? Hallelujah is. My husband is. My husband is. See what I found..?? * What??? * Pearl * what is it?? * Pearl p p p j b b b t poison m Ke ya you fantastic wife. .. Get her. .. Publicly that eat out today.. And eat nothing but fish
Take the Pearl fisherman in. Went to Pearl salesman who lives in the House next door peace peace story is that we found a Pearl in the belly of the fish. This is the Pearl give me see her. .. Yaaaaaaaah.. They are invaluable, but I can't buy it. .. If I sold Decani. . And Gary and neighbor Gary a. What I brought you for it! But.. Go to Sheikh sellers in the next town.. Illness can purchase from you.! May God.. Take our friend he wipes

And went out to the seller in the next town and offered him the story let me see her. .. God is. God my brother to its priceless.. !!But I found you a.. Go to the city. You can buy such a Pearl! Thank you for your help and when Governor stop Palace door our friend.. And with it the precious treasure is. Waiting for permission to enter, when Governor Sir a. And offered him the story and this is what I found in the stomach of God such pearls is what I am looking for I don't know how to appreciate you for it. .. But I will allow you to enter the private was gunned down. Where will remain for six hours, take from them whatever you want, this is the price for the Pearl! Sir, you make it two hours, six hours on Hunter like me let six hours take a safe income of our excellent Governor and if it finds a tremendous! Very large room for. Divided into three sections,!! Section is filled with gold and jewels and pearls, and a fluffy mattress if seen look Nam comfort and all what she craves from eating and drinking the same date six Hunter